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Fathers’ Rights in Illinois: Child Custody

There are some Illinois family law firms that market themselves as advocates for father’s rights. When going through a divorce that involves child custody and child support it can be an extremely stressful time. It is especially stressful for fathers based on the perception that women are usually given custody of children.

We strongly oppose firms that market themselves as father’s rights lawyers. We feel that this only preys upon the fears that fathers have. In our opinion there is no special skill involved as an attorney in representing a father or a mother. As a lawyer you are either an advocate for your client or you are not. Saying you will fight for a father (or a mother) means nothing unless you back up your words with actions. We do not think that starting off a lawyer-client relationship by manipulating the concerns of an uninformed or scared father is the way to start a relationship.

While we do not knowingly ever recommend a lawyer that preys on the fears of their clients, we do try to always recommend a lawyer that we feel will be a fighter for their clients. We recommend that all clients in family law cases make a list of their goals and then work with their attorney to meet those goals.

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