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Kane County Family Law

Family law refers to areas of law such as divorce, child support, adoption, pre-nuptial agreements and child custody. If you are dealing with a family law issue in Kane County, Illinois, we almost always recommend that you hire a Kane County based attorney to handle your case, or at least someone who regularly appears there.

Family law cases in Kane County are scheduled and heard at two locations, depending on the type of case. Generally, divorce and custody cases are heard at the Kane County Judicial Center, located at 37W777 Route 38 in St. Charles. Note that Kane County requires attendance at a mandatory “Kids in a Divorcing Society” educational series for all cases involving custody or visitation disputes.

Cases involving guardianship and adoptions, as well as juvenile cases, are typically heard at the old Geneva courthouse, located at 100 S. Third Street. Prove-ups, which are usually the final court appearance in a case, can sometimes be scheduled at the Geneva courthouse, as well

Kane County is a really tight-knit legal community. Only a handful of judges handle family law cases here, and as a result, these judges quickly become familiar with attorneys who regularly appear before the court. In our opinion, the judges give these attorneys better treatment than lawyers who aren’t considered “regulars.”

The attorneys who appear in these Kane County courtrooms day in and day out, and who focus their practice on family law, seem to get better results than attorneys who just occasionally appear in Geneva for custody, support, divorce or other matters. In other words, a lawyer who is in one of these courthouses four days a week may be a better bet than an attorney who appears there for family law cases one day a week and on the other days is in another county or dealing with other matters, such as traffic or personal injury.

Certainly there are some Kane County family law matters where a local attorney isn’t the best attorney for you. For example, if you are involved in a divorce where complex forensic accounting is involved from a business that was started during the marriage, you may want a Chicago-based law firm that has attorneys who often appear in Kane County on divorce and family law cases.

But if you have a typical divorce where you are dealing with issues of custody, support and dividing up debts and assets, not only do we think that a Kane County area family law attorney is likely right for you, it might also be cheaper (no payment for travel time) and make the case end sooner.

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